Cloth Face Mask

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Amcon Labs
Cloth Face Mask

Cloth Face Mask

2-ply 100% cotton mask. Ties ensure secure fit. High quality construction. Washable and reusable. Made in the USA. 

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JG-7000 - Solid Blue  OUT OF STOCK
JG-7001 - Multicolor  
JG-7002 - Purple  
JG-7003 - Forest Green  
JG-7004 - Light Blue  
JG-7005 - Rainbow Dots  
JG-7006 - Rainbow Stripes  
JG-7007 - Turquoise Chevron  
JG-7008 - Dark Blue/White Dots  


Dimensions: 0.375” x 6” x 10.25”
Weight:0.0375 lbs

Covid-19 Product Item has limited availability and is non-returnable. Purchase limits may apply

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