Pupilometer Breath Shield


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Pupilometer Breath Shield

Pupilometer Breath Shield

A must-have accessory that makes your workplace safer and will last for years. Easy to install and remove. Comes with protective covering. The breath shields are clear, please remove protective film from both sides. Dimensions: 8.5"W 8.75"L 
  • Pupilometer Breath Shield. This size is fits Essilor, Reichert and ANY other brands pupilometers.
  • Material: Non-fragile PETG
  • Easy to clean (resistant to alcohol).
  • Less resistant to scratches compared to acrylic shield
  • Thin, but flexible and not fragile
  • Unique and simple design allows you to mount this shield on any pupilometer.
  • Easy to mount and remove.
  • Patent Pending
  • Breath Shield is a clear plastic barrier to block breath between patient and doctor

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Dimensions: 8.5” x 0.05” x 8.5”
Weight:0.0193 lbs

Covid-19 Product Item has limited availability and is non-returnable. Purchase limits may apply

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