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Projector Slides


Projector Slides

For Marco, AO, Reichert, Woodlyn and similar projectors. Mix and match for quantity discounts.

8500 Adult Acuity
Snellen, Numbers and Tumbling "E" tests.

8600 Child Acuity
Allen, Tumbling "E" and Landolt "C" tests.

8700 Family Practice
Snellen, Astigmatic Clock, Tumbling "E" and Allen tests.

8800 Multi-Acuity
Snellen, Tumbling "E" and Allen Tests.

LEA Symbols
LEA Symbols (18 lines). LEA Numbers and Sloan Letters (16 lines) from 20/100 to 20/10 with multiple lines from 20/50 to 20/10.

Product weight: 0.17 lbs. / ea

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  Stock Number
SC-8519 8700 Family Practice
SC-8532 8500 Adult Acuity
SC-8534 8600 Child Acuity
SC-8535 8800 Multi-Acuity