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What are the differences between your different contact lens inserters / removers?

Hard / Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Inserters / Removers:
Royal Remover/Inserter by Amcon

  • Royal Remover / Inserter by Amcon is white and latex free. This is our #1 seller. The suction cup is mounted perpendicular to the handle. Available in boxes of 10 (JJ-6410) or individualy on an OptiPRO™ retail hang tag (OP-6200).
  • Magic Touch (JK-6440) has a 20° angled suction cup with a ventilation hole to allow more suction power. Sold in boxes of 10.
  • DMV Ultra (JI-6400) has a suction cupmounted perpendicular to the handle. Sold in boxes of 10.
  • DMV 45 (JL-6445) features a suction cup angled at 45° for better viewing of the contact lens and cornea. Sold in boxes of 10.

Soft Inserters / Removers:
Lens-Eze® by Amcon

  • Softsert™ (JW-6361) offers and easier and more sanitary way of applying soft, hybrid and GP scleral lenses. Goes on the end of finger and has a side-mounted suction cup.
  • Lens-Eze® by Amcon features a vented inserter on one end and a tweezer-like remover on the other end. Available individually (JM-6450) or on an OptiPRO™ retail hang tag (OP-6250).
  • DMV Soft Lens Inserter/Remover (JN-6451) has a flat inserter surface at one end and a tweezer-like remover at the other end. Removes lenses directly from cornea.
  • Soft Sert Plus (JW-6460) has a flat tweezer-like end for inserting and removing soft lenses.

Artificial Eye Inserters / Removers:

  • DMV Scleral Inserter Cup (JI-6402) is the industry standard for scleral lens handling. Suction cup securely grasps the prosthetic eye for insertion, removal and centering functions.

  • For more information about contact lens inserters and removers, see page 67 in the 2017 Amcon Product Catalog or contact an Amcon Sales Representative at 1-800-255-6161.