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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I want to establish a new account with Amcon. What do I need to do?

I have an Amcon account but do not currently order online. How do I setup an online account?

Will I receive an e-mail confirmation for my order?

The product I am ordering comes in assorted colors/patterns. Can I pick the colors/patterns I want?

When will my order ship?

How will my order ship?

What buying groups do you participate in?

I misplaced my catalog or my catalog is outdated. Can I get a new copy?

What are your hours?

I am looking for an item but I do not see it on or in the catalog.

I just received my order and there is a problem. What should I do?

What is your return policy?


Is fluorescein safe for use with all contact lenses?

What is the big deal about Amcon Dry Eye Test (DET) Strips? Can't I just use a regular fluorescein strip to look at tear film?

What is the difference between Amcon Tear Flow Test Strips and standard Schirmer Tear Test Strips?

Why does Amcon request a copy of a TPA license from an optometrist before shipping his or her pharmaceutical order?

Exam/Surgical Supplies & Vision Assessment

What is the difference between low, intermediate, and high level disinfectants?

Do your chart projector slides contain multiple 20/20 lines?

How do LEA Symbols® differ from traditional charts for assessing visual acuity of young children?

Do you offer products for clinicians to sanitize hands between each patient?

How do I find the correct replacement bulb for my equipment in the Amcon catalog?

Do EIKO Cax bulbs have a shelf life?

Will touching the glass of a EIKO Cax bulb cause it to burn out?

How do I find the correct thermal recording paper for my equipment in the Amcon catalog?

How do I find the correct chin rest paper for my equipment?

How do I find the correct nickel cadmium rechargeable battery for my machine?

How should I handle / store my new rechargeable batteries?

What does the date on my battery mean?

Do your batteries come with a warranty?

How do I care for and charge my batteries?

Contact Lens Supplies

What are the differences between your different contact lens inserters / removers?

What hand cleansing options do you offer that are safe for contact lens wearers?

What is the difference between Ribbed Well and Smooth Well Extra-Deep Well Flat Packs?

Optical Supplies

What are the differences between AR Kleen® and Kleerly Kids lens cleaners?

What are the differences between Pique Knit, Mira Kleen®, Simply Kleen, and Soft as Silk lens cleaning cloths?

Laboratory Supplies

What is the difference between the Silicone, PVC, Acetate, and Bohemian Crystal nose pads?

Does Amcon offer kits containing the most popular screws and nose pads for a new lab or office opening?

What is Sher-Lock?

What does bbl mean?

What is the difference between Amcon's three hand tool lines?

Custom Imprinting

What are your artwork requirements?

What is the lead time for personalized items?

Insulated to Reduce Excessive Heat Policy

What items are required to be Insulated to reduce excessive heat?

How will my insulated to reduce excessive heat items ship?