Amcon Labs

How do I care for and charge my batteries?

  • Keep battery clean and free of dirt and grime.
  • Do not drop/damage or crush medical instrument or battery
  • Do Not allow medical equipment near fire or flame Do Not allow children to handle medical equipment or batteries
  • Do Not use in wet or damp conditions

To extend the life of your battery:

  1. Discharge fully once a month. To fully discharge battery...Turn on otoscope and leave for several hours. When bulb in otoscope is no longer "Lite", turn off otoscope and place in charging unit overnight.
  2. Fully recharge for 16 hours. Do not leave in charging unit all day and night; charge the battery in otoscope overnight and remove in morning for use. DO NOT set back in charging unit between daily use or battery will be damaged and warranty will be voided. Use only in appropriate medical equipment handles

CAUTION: Many times failure of battery tto charge is direct result of charging unit failure, not charging battery for 16 hours before use or leaving in the charging unit all day or night. Remove the otoscope from charging unit in morning and do not replace in charging unit until end of work day.