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What is the big deal about Amcon Dry Eye Test (DET) Strips? Can't I just use a regular fluorescein strip to look at tear film?

Amcon Dry Eye Test DETAmcon Dry Eye Test (DET) Strips (PO-5200) are specially designed to provide accurate fluorescein break-up time (FBUT) (a.k.a. tear break-up time or TBUT) in the detection of dry eye disease. The DET strip has a slim tip design that limits only 1 µL of fluorescein to be applied to the tear film, which is an insignificant amount of fluid to the normal 7 µL tear film volume. Traditional fluorescein strips can flood the tear film with up to 17 µL of fluid. With the DET the patient's tear film is preserved without adding additional fluid, so that the tear film observed is comprised of only tears. No added saline is mistaken for tear film. This allows for a more accurate and more reliable FBUT reading every time.

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