Hinge Screw SW-0102

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Hinge Screw SW-0102

Hinge Screw SW-0102

1.4mm Diameter, 3.8mm Length, 1.9mm Head Diameter, Nickel, Foreign, 100 in pack. 

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SW-0102 - 1.4mm D 3.8mm L 1.9mm HD  
SW-0103 - 1.4mm D 4.40mm L 1.9mm HD  
SW-0104 - 1.4mm D 5.2mm L 2.0mm HD  
SW-0107 - 1.7mm D 5.9mm L 2.8mm HD  
SW-0108 - 1.4mm D 4.0mm L 1.9mm HD  
SW-0130 - 1.4mm D 4.8mm L 2.0mm HD Phillips/Flat Head  
SW-0131 - 1.4mm D 6.0mm L 2.0mm HD  
SW-0202 - 1.37mm D 5.2mm L 1.8mm HD  
SW-0203 - 1.4mm D 3.0mm L 2.5mm HD  
SW-0204 - 1.16mm D 3.40mm L 1.6mm HD  
SW-0205 - 1.27mm D 4.7mm L 2.5mm HD  
SW-0209 - 1.37mm D 5.2mm L 1.8mm HD  
SW-2200 - 1.2mm D 2.8mm L 2.8mm HD  

WARNING: These products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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