Titanium Nose Pads

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Titanium Nose Pads

Titanium Nose Pads

These all-metal, hypo-allergenic screw-on titanium nose pads are a solution for patients that are allergic to PVC or silicone nose pads. The asymmetrical design eliminates the confusion of right/left pads. They have a lightweight Titanium construction, therefore will not add any weight to overall eyeglasses. Nose pads are SCREW ON and packaged in 5-pair packs.

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NP-1800 - 14.5MM - SCREW ON  
NP-1801 - 14MM - SCREW ON  
NP-1802 - 13.5MM - SCREW ON  
NP-1803 - 12.5MM - SCREW ON  
NP-1804 - 12MM - SCREW ON  

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