Best Seller Screw Kit

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Best Seller Screw Kit

Best Seller Screw Kit

A kit containing seven of our best selling screws and lock nuts packaged in a clear partioned container with an index card in the lid. 25 pieces per type, 175 screws total.


Self-Aligning SW-2300 1.4mm Diameter, 4.8mm Length, 2.0mm Head Diameter, Nickel

Hinge SW-0104 1.4mm Diameter, 5.2mm Length, 2.0mm Head Diameter, Nickel, Foreign

Trim/Glass SW-0500 1.16mm Diameter, 9.4mm Length, 1.9mm Head Diameter, Nickel, Domestic

Eyewire SW-0202 1.37mm Diameter, 5.2mm Length, 1.8mm Head Diameter, Nickel, Domestic

Nose Pad SW-0700 1.0mm Diameter, 4.1mm Length, 1.4mm Head Diameter, Nickel, Foreign

Lock Nut SW-0900 1.22mm Diameter, 1.1mm Length, Nickel, Domestic.

Lock Nut SW-0902 1.4mm Diameter, 1.1mm Length, Nickel, Foreign

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WARNING: These products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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