Non-skid Shoe Covers


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Non-skid Shoe Covers

Non-skid Shoe Covers

Keep your employees' footwear clean while simultaneously protecting delicate flooring and carpeting from outdoor contaminants with this blue disposable shoe cover with non-skid bottom. Made of standard weight polypropylene, this shoe cover offers ample shoe protection from food particles, dirt, and grime often found in cafeterias and dishwashing areas. It is also an ideal option for hospitals and clinics since it keeps any impurities found on shoes from coming in contact with sanitized areas. Capable of fitting over shoes up to size 12, this shoe cover features a light blue color that is perfect for hiding stains without drawing a lot of attention. The elastic closure provides a snug fit around the shoe to help keep the cover in place and limit exposure. Plus, thanks to the safe, non-skid bottom, this shoe cover also helps prevent employee injuries without inhibiting movement. Since the component materials comply with all federal regulations for food contact, this shoe cover can be used in food prep environments or in a variety of industrial applications.

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