Soft Silicone Nosepads - 5 pair


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Soft Silicone Nosepads - 5 pair

Soft Silicone Nosepads - 5 pair

Post color is clear. 5 pair pack 

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NP-0104 15mm - D Shape Push-On  Out of stock until (approx): 7/30/2021
NP-0105 17mm - D Shape Push-On  
NP-0106 19mm - D Shape Push-On  
NP-0107 15mm - D Shape Screw-On  Out of stock until (approx): 7/30/2021
NP-0108 17mm - D Shape Screw-On  
NP-0109 19mm - D Shape Screw-On  
NP-0900 9mm - Round Screw-On  
NP-0901 9mm - Round Push-On  
NP-0902 13mm - Symmetrical Screw-On  
NP-0903 13mm - Symmetrical Push-On  
NP-0904 15mm - Tear Drop Screw-On  
NP-0905 15mm - Tear Drop Push-On  
NP-0906 17mm - Tear Drop Screw-On  
NP-0907 17mm - Tear Drop Push-On  
NP-0908 11mm - Symmetrical Screw-On  
NP-0909 11mm - Symmetrical Push-On  


Dimensions: 2.125” x 3.625” x 0.25”
Weight:0.0125 lbs

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