Self-Tapping Premium Screw with Sher-Lock™


Amcon Labs
Self-Tapping Premium Screw with Sher-Lock™

Self-Tapping Premium Screw with Sher-Lock™

Self-Tapping screws in a variety of sizes. Made of Stainless Steel. Pack of 25 

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SW-2002-25 - 1.3mm D, 11.43mm L, 1.9mm  
SW-2002-25G - Gold 1.3mm D, 11.5mm L, 1.8mm YLW CTD  
SW-2003-25 - 1.4mm D, 11.43mm L, 1.9mm  
SW-2003-25G - Gold 1.4mm D, 11.5mm L, 1.8mm BLUE CTD  


Dimensions: 0.5” x 1.63” x 1”
Weight:0.01 lbs

Please note that the price of this product is temporarily 1% higher than normal as a result of a temporary rise in overseas shipping charges. This increase stems from pandemic-related elevated levels of global shipping. The current ETA for the surcharge expiration is Q3 2021.

Sher-Lock™ is an inert substance that is specifically designed to create a tighter fit that is resistant to loosening from operational movements and vibrations. The rubber based coating remains pliable, does not disintegrate and it has a very long working life.

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