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Pre-Packed Dispensing Station


Pre-Packed Dispensing Station

A lightweight, yet sturdy, plastic cabinet pre-packed with our best-selling frame replacement parts. Cabinet contains 32 small drawers, and 12 large drawers that can be partitioned (6 drawer partitions included in pre-pack). Cabinet can be set on a counter top or mounted on a wall (back is is pre-drilled for easy wall mounting).

Station Contains:

Item #  Description
SW-0500 1.16mm Trim/Glass Screws
SW-0501 1.4mm Trim/Glass Screws
SW-3003 1.3mm EZT Screws
SW-3004 1.4mm EZT Screws
SW-3002 1.2mm EZT Screws
SW-0700 Nosepad Screws 1.0 x 4.1 x 1.4
SW-0704 Nosepad Screws 1.1 x 5.5 x 1.7
SW-0730 Nosepad Screws 1.0 x 4.5 x 1.88
SW-2051 1.2mm Quick Tapper Screws
SW-2052 1.3mm Quick Tapper Screws
SW-2053 1.4mm Quick Tapper Screws
SW-2054 1.5mm Quick Tapper Screws
SW-2002 1.3mm Self-Tapping Screws
SW-2003 1.4mm Self-Tapping Screws
SW-2004 1.5mm Self-Tapping Screws
SW-0600 Rimless Assembly Screws 1.16 x 9.0 x 1.9
SW-0601 Rimless Assembly Screws 1.16 x 9.0 x 2.5
SW-0803 1.4mm Double Leg Bushings
SW-0806 1.4 x .5 Clear Washers
SW-0805 1.4 x 2.0 Clear Washers
SW-0810 1.5mm Double Leg Bushings
SW-0102 Hinge/Eyewire Screws 1.4 x 3.8 x 1.9
SW-0202 Hinge/Eyewire Screws 1.37 x 5.2 x 1.8
SW-0104-Y Hinge/Eyewire Screws 1.4 x 5.2 x 2.0 coated
SW-0108 Hinge/Eyewire Screws 1.4 x 4.0 x 1.9
SW-2300 1.4mm Self Aligning Screws
SW-2304 1.2mm Self Aligning Screws
SW-2400 1.2mm Self-Aligning Hinge Finder
SW-2401 1.4mm Self-Aligning Hinge Finder
SW-0900 1.16mm Lock Nuts
SW-0902 1.4mm Lock Nuts
SW-0908 1.4mm Cap Nuts
SW-0905 1.4mm Cap Nuts
TT-0112 Acetate Temple Tips- Black 1.6mm
TT-0102 Acetate Temple Tips- Black 1.45mm
TT-0111 Acetate Temple Tips- Brown 1.6mm
TT-0101 Acetate Temple Tips- Brown 1.45mm
TT-0200 E lastic Temple Tips- Black 1.45mm
TT-0201 E lastic Temple Tips- Brown 1.45mm
TT-0210 E lastic Temple Tips- Black 1.6mm
TT-0211 E lastic Temple Tips- Brown 1.6mm
TT-0122 U ltra Thin Acetate Temple Tips- Black 1.1mm
TT-0121 U ltra Thin Acetate Temple Tips- Tortoise 1.1mm
TT-0132 U ltra Thin Acetate Temple Tips- Black 1.2mm
TT-0131 U ltra Thin Acetate Temple Tips- Tortoise 1.2mm
TT-2007 Heat Shrink Cable- Clear 3/16"
TT-2005 Heat Shrink Cable- Black 3/16"
NP-0901 9mm Soft Silicone Round Push-On
NP-0900 9mm Soft Silicone Round Screw-On
NP-0909 11mm Soft Silicone Symmetrical Push-On
NP-0903 13mm Soft Silicone Symmetrical Push-On
NP-0908 11mm Soft Silicone Symmetrical Screw-On
NP-0902 13mm Soft Silicone Symmetrical Screw-On
NP-0905 15mm Soft Silicone Tear Drop Push-On
NP-0907 17mm Soft Silicone Tear Drop Push-On
NP-0904 15mm Soft Silicone Tear Drop Screw-On
NP-0906 17mm Soft Silicone Tear Drop Screw-On
NP-0104 15mm Soft Silicone D-Shape Push-On
NP-0105 17mm Soft Silicone D-Shape Push-On
NP-0107 15mm Soft Silicone D-Shape Screw-On
NP-0108 17mm Soft Silicone D-Shape Screw-On
NP-0400 28mm Soft Silicone Saddle Strap Push-On
NP-0401 30mm Soft Silicone Saddle Strap Push-On
NP-0402 28mm Soft Silicone Saddle Strap Screw-On
NP-0403 30mm Soft Silicone Saddle Strap Screw-On
NP-1213 13mm Primadonna NP
NP-1215 15mm Primadonna NP
NP-0202 17mm B&L PVC Crimp-On NP
NP-0205 12mm PVC Tear Drop Screw-On
NP-0207 16mm PVC Tear Drop Screw-On
NP-0206 12mm PVC Tear Drop Push-On
NP-0600 Soft Silicone Round Monopad A/T Base
NP-0601 Soft Silicone Oval Monopad A/T Base
TT-0300 Adult Black Conversion Cable Ends
TT-0301 Adult Brown Conversion Cable Ends
TT-0302 Kid's Black Conversion Cable Ends
TT-0303 Kid's Brown Conversion Cable Ends
MH-6930 Temple Covers- Small
MI-6931 Temple Covers- Medium
SD-2110 Lab Screwdriver Kit
DS-4305 Dispensing Station Cabinet
DS-4307 Dividers (6/pack)

Product weight: 7 lbs. / ea

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  Stock Number
DS-4300 - Pre-Packed Dispensing Station