Complete Repair Kit by Amcon


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Complete Repair Kit by Amcon

Complete Repair Kit by Amcon

The truly all-in-one kit contains the necessary components to simply repair most frame problems. Contains 175 screws, 25 nuts, 2 screwdriver handles, 5 screwdriver blades, 16 temple tips, and 200 nose pads. Great for starting an in-office lab or for frame repairs on the go. ($110.00 if purchased separately.)

Contents Include:
(25) SW-2300 Self-Aligning Screw, 1.0mm dia, Silver
(25) SW-2302 Self-Aligning Screw, 1.4mm dia, Silver
(25) SW-2300-G Self-Aligning Screw, 1.4mm dia, Gold
(25) SW-2003 Self-Tapping Screw, 1.4mm dia, Stainless Steel
(50) SW-0700 Nose Pad Screw, 1.0mm dia, Nickel
(25) SW-0500 Trim/Glass Screw, 1.16mm dia, Nickel
(25) SW-0900 Hex Nut, 1.16mm inner dia, 2.25 outer dia, Nickel
(2) SD-3012 Screwdriver Handles
(1) SD-3031 Nose Pad Screwdriver Blade
(1) SD-3032 Double Ended Flat Screwdriver Blade
(1) SD-3051 Double Ended Phillips Screwdriver Blade
(1) SD-3061 Screw Extractor Blade
(1) SD-3065 Hex Nut Blade
(4) TT-0101 Temple Tips, Brown, 1.45mm core
(4) TT-0102 Temple Tips, Black, 1.45mm core
(4) TT-0111 Temple Tips, Brown, 1.60mm core
(4) TT-0112 Temple Tips, Black, 1.60mm core
(25 pr) NP-0900-25 Soft Silicone Nose Pads, Screw-on, 9mm Round
(25 pr) NP-0902-25 Soft Silicone Nose Pads, Screw-on, 13mm Oval
(25 pr) NP-0904-25 Soft Silicone Nose Pads, Screw-on, 15mm Tear Drop
(25 pr) NP-0903-25 Soft Silicone Nose Pads, Push-on, 13mm Oval

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Dimensions: 4.188” x 8.125” x 1.25”
Weight:0.5 lbs

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