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Amcon Made Custom Imprinting
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EZT Premium Screws

The Easy Tap EZT® line of screws are self-aligning, self-tapping and self-locking screws. A new and unique product designed to better perform and save you time and frustration. The EZT® shorter length requires less time to firmly set. Its 303 Stainless Steel construction with its universal head adds to the ease and convenience when used. Available in five thread sizes, color coded for easy identification. 
Product weight: 0.04 lbs. / pack of 100

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  Stock Number
SW-3002 - 1.2mm D, 6.9mm L, 2.0mm HD, Silver
SW-3003 - 1.3mm D, 7.7mm L, 2.4mm HD, Silver
SW-3003-G - 1.3mm D, 7.7mm L, 2.4mm HD, Gold
SW-3004 - 1.4mm D, 7.7mm L, 2.4mm HD, Silver
SW-3004-G - 1.4mm D, 7.7mm L, 2.4mm HD, Gold
SW-3005 - 1.5mm D, 7.7mm L, 2.4mm HD, Silver
SW-3006 - 1.6mm D, 7.7mm L, 2.4mm HD, Silver