Essential Nose Pad Kit

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Essential Nose Pad Kit

Essential Nose Pad Kit

An economical and convenient means of minimizing lab inventory. Each kit is pre-packed with 25 pairs of the best selling silicone nose pads.  Nose pads are made of crystal clear, soft silicone. The kit features an index card in the lid illustrating the different compartments with nose pad descriptions and actual size drawings.

Contents Include:
(25 pairs) NP-0900-25 9mm Round Screw-On
(25 pairs) NP-0901-25 9mm Round Push-On
(25 pairs) NP-0902-25 13mm Symmetrical Screw-On
(25 pairs) NP-0903-25 13mm Symmetrical Push-On
(25 pairs) NP-0904-25 15mm Tear Drop Screw-On
(25 pairs) NP-0905-25 15mm Tear Drop Push-On

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