Introducing Amcon’s Customer Payment Portal

Have you ever wanted to just log in and pay an invoice or look and see if an order has been shipped yet?

Now you can!  Both of these are features, along with much more, of our new FREE customer payment portal. This portal is independent of our web site. You do not need an online account us to access the payment portal.

To access the portal, just go to   We have already set up most of our customers info, so all you need to do is use the forgot password to get your log in. All you need is your full Amcon account number (9 digits long) and the email address where your invoices are being sent. If you’re not set up, reach out to your sales rep or and they will get you set up and ready to log in!

Portal Features

Our portal has 6 areas for you to use.

Account Information The first is Account Information. Here you can see where your bills are going, year to date sales and the previous year’s sales, outstanding balance and past due amount (if applicable). This should give you a good snap shot of your account’s status with Amcon.
Next, we have View Transactions. This will show you all open invoices that you have with us, you can even click on the invoice and see details of what is on the invoice, tracking number, etc. View Transactions
Pay Account Now for the biggest feature, the Pay Account feature. Here you have the ability to pay full invoices. You have the ability to either pay one full invoice or as many as you like at one time.  Just select the invoice(s) that you would like to pay, the next page will ask you for the credit card info and to confirm your billing address. Then you can submit it and you will receive a confirmation number and an email. Within a few minutes, the payment should be posted to your account!
Next, we have the Open Orders. Here you can see all open orders (whether they are new or backorders). You can see what is on the order and is still awaiting shipping. Open Orders
Purchase History Have you ever been getting ready to place an order and cannot remember what you ordered last time? Now you will be able to see everything you have ordered in the current year and the previous year using the Purchase History. This way we can keep track of what you have ordered and need to order again!
And finally, we have a Reset Password feature that allows you to be completely in control of your portal access. Amcon does suggest a password of at least 8 characters long. Reset Password

Go Green

Have you ever wanted an electronic copy of each new invoice? By signing up for E-Invoices, you will be emailed a copy of your invoice the day after you are invoiced. This is the quickest and greenest way of getting your invoices. All invoices have tracking numbers, this way you can make sure your order is on its way!

If you are interested in signing up, reach out to your sales rep, go to, or sign up when you are placing a web order.

For more information about our portal or Go Green go here.

Amcon Email Specials

Did you know that Amcon sends out an email blast every week with our Item of the Week and features some of the products on the bi-monthly sales flyer? If you’re not getting these emails you are missing out! Be the first to know about our special offers and sales by signing up for our email blasts. Contact your Amcon sales rep today to get set up!

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