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How do I find the correct thermal recording paper for my equipment in the Amcon catalog?

Thermal recording papers are located on pages 43 in the 2017 Amcon Product Catalog. Find the brand name of your equipment, such as Topcon, A/O-Reichert, Marco, Welch Allyn, etc. Next, find the type of equipment and model number, such as tonometer 250, etc. We have included all measurements for each roll of paper, including roll width, diameter, and inner core diameter. Measure your current roll of paper and compare it to the dimensions listed in the catalog. The stock number for your paper is located in the first column.

If you need assistance finding the correct paper for your equipment, please contact an Amcon Sales Representative at 1-800-255-6161. We are happy to help you locate recording paper and can even special order paper not found in our catalog.