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Screwdriver Carousel Kit
Premium Screwdriver (with 1.8mm Blades)
Screwdriver Carousel Kit
Screwdriver Blades - Nose Pad Screw Blade
Screwdriver Replacement Blade - Flat/Phillips Blade - General Purpose
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Replacement Screwdriver Handles with Blades for Screwdriver Carousel


Replacement Screwdriver Handles with Blades for Screwdriver Carousel

Fits in Screwdriver Carosel (SD-5100) 
Product weight: 0.07 lbs. / ea

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  Stock Number
SD-5101 Screwdriver, Phillips, 1.5mm
SD-5102 Screwdriver, Phillips, 1.8mm
SD-5103 Screwdriver, Flat, 1.6mm
SD-5104 Screwdriver, Flat, 1.8mm
SD-5105 Wrench, Hex, 2.02mm
SD-5106 Wrench, Hex, 2.32mm
SD-5107 Wrench, Hex, 2.57mm
SD-5108 Wrench, Star, 2.52mm
SD-5109 Wrench, Star, 2.82mm